Children’s Book Review: Little Bigfoot, Big City

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Little Bigfoot, Big City by Jennifer Weiner, is a middle-grade tale that blends fantasy with everyday life, exploring the themes of friendship and feelings of belonging. Its quirky characters, mystery and drama will keep readers engaged. The sequel to The Littlest Bigfoot, it can also be read as a stand alone novel.

The story’s two protagonists, twelve-year old Alice Mayfair and her Bigfoot best friend, Millie Maximus, are both on a mission. But while Alice’s mission is to undercover the secret of her past and live in the woods amongst the Bigfoots, Millie’s mission is to prepare for a future in New York city as a singer onstage. Their friendship is tested when Millie befriends popular Jessica Jarvis, who helps Millie enter a singing contest – and Alice befriends Jeremy Bigelow, who helps Alice uncover what may be the real truth of her not-so-human history. But readers will find that this story takes some unexpected paths, leading both Alice and Millie to make some new discoveries. Their discoveries show them that while they are individuals with different dreams, they are also friends who are alike in many ways.

Readers who enjoyed the first book in the series, Littlest Bigfoot, will no doubt want to continue on this journey with Alice & Millie in Little Bigfoot, Big City. The ups & downs that the girls go through are relatable and will strike a chord with many young readers. The question of our humanity as well as our selves – who we are and what we dream of doing – is one that will resonate with many as well.

At its heart, this book is about looking past our differences in order to understand and live in the world together, and that is a message that I think should earn this book a place on many middle-school library shelves. The addition of the well-known historical mystery of Bigfoots and a secret (and possibly sinister?) government organization into the plot gives the book a unique flavor that will intrigue many students as well. A middle-grade novel that is poignant, fresh, and mysterious – Little Bigfoot, Big City is a book to share with the tweens in your life.

*Note* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review from @KidlitExchange.

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