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I’m happy to formally announce that Book 2 in The Dream Chronicles, Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword, will be published December 15th, 2017! It will be available on Amazon in both paperback and digital editions.

A fantasy-adventure series for middle-grade readers, The Dream Chronicles began with Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny in December 2016. To read more about Book 1 in The Dream Chronicles, visit this page:

Want to know more about Bear Kingdom? Read on…..

Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword follows Suzie and Jack to a dangerous kingdom of ice & snow ruled by a fierce polar bear, King Knut. On a quest to find The Book of Destiny and help rescue Tiger Queen Mohini & her cubs, the twins are joined by another brother & sister team whom they met in Tiger Kingdom: Liam & Elena. Along their journey they will encounter new threats in Bear Kingdom; it has been cursed by an evil enchantment. Will Suzie, Jack, Liam & Elena be able to break the spell that haunts this frozen land? Each of them are given a special item to help them on their journey, and they have the assistance of both old and new magical animal friends. Will they succeed in their quest? Darker and more treacherous than Tiger Kingdom, the challenges Suzie, Jack and their friends face in Bear Kingdom make this second volume of The Dream Chronicles a thrilling adventure!

I can’t wait to bring this exciting story to you on December 15th! Without doubt, winter is my favorite season and Christmas my favorite holiday. My favorite stories – many of them fairy tales, of course! – are tales told in or about winter. So it shouldn’t be surprising to readers that Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword is influenced by three different winter-inspired fairy tales. Can you guess which ones? Comment below! Look for my answer (and see if you guessed right) in my next blog post!

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