Cover & Illustrator Reveal: Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny

Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny by Stacie Eirich I’m excited to share with you today the cover of my novel, Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny, Volume 1 in The Dream Chronicles. In doing so, I’m also revealing the identity of the illustrator….watch the video below to find out!

Thank you for watching and visiting! May you always have adventures to fill your soul, & space to dream in. I look forward to bringing Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny to you on December 16. My hope is that you will share it with other readers, both young & old – and discover the joy of reading & dreaming together!

Happy National Novel Writing Month! -Stacie

p.s. If you’d like to read the text of Chapter 1 (which I read out loud in the video above) go to: Chapter 1: Tiger’s Escape

Author: seirich

I'm a mother, writer & dreamer living north of New Orleans, La. I love writing, music, theater, travel and my family. I've written and published four books of poetry and a children's fantasy series: The Dream Chronicles. I'm now working on a third children's novel.

1 thought on “Cover & Illustrator Reveal: Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny”

  1. Oh, Stacie, this cover is wonderful, your mom’s work is priceless. Elegant yet with your characters positioned there for the young readers to identify with. The overlaid white tiger in the forefront is smiling to say he king of his part of the world.
    I am glad you are reading aloud the first portion. I hear a teacher who doesn’t want her students to miss one carefully placed word. Having previewed it before, I was anxiously waiting to hear the sister make her tiger in the street spotting report.

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