Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny – Chapter 1: Tiger’s Escape

As promised, here is a continued preview of my novel, Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny. Full novel available on December 16. I hope you enjoy Chapter 1: Tiger’s Escape.

White Bengal TigerChapter 1. Tiger’s Escape

      I could hear the paws of the tigers

      pounding the pavement, the heaving sound

     of their breath against

     the chilly Autumn air.


      I could see their golden eyes,

     striped coats glinting

     in the night shadows

     as they ran.


     I climbed into bed, freeing the sheet

     from underneath Jack’s iron grasp.

    I tried to press my eyes closed tight

    yet lay there for hours,

    eyes opening to the streets below,

    still seeing tiger stripes blazing

    in the light of the street lamp,

    still hearing the sounds of leaves rustling

    as they rushed past in the night,

    the wind moving steadily

    through the trees.



The wailing of the sirens woke me. “Jack, Jack!” I cried. “Wake up!” Beside me, my brother groaned and stirred from his sleep.

“Hmph.” He grunted and turned over, putting his pillow over his head. “I’m sleepin’, Suz. What is it?”

“Don’t you hear the sirens?” I pulled the pillow away from him and whispered excitedly in his ear. “I saw them. In the street!” I pointed below.

Jack sat up abruptly, flipping on the lamp, his eyes wide, as if his senses were suddenly aware of the sirens blaring around them. “Saw who?” he questioned me, getting up from his bed and looking out the porch screen to the street beyond. “Who’s in the street?”

“The tigers! I saw them running past the house just minutes ago. I thought I was dreaming…but then…”

“Tigers? You mean those big, ferocious beasts that live in the jungle?” Jack snorted. “You were dreaming, sis. It’s probably just a policeman chasing a speeder. Go back to bed.” And with that, he fell back into bed and resumed his previous position. “Hey, where’s my pillow?”

“I’m not giving it back until you go talk to Mama and Daddy with me. They’ll want to know about the tigers.” I stubbornly held his pillow to my chest.

“Wake them up over a dream you had?” He rolled his eyes at me. “It was just a dream! And you’re just scared of sirens! Now give it back, and go back to sleep.” He reached out his long arms and grabbed for the pillow, catching its corner and swiftly releasing it from my hands. “Goodnight.” He winked at me in his victory, turned over on his side and flipped off the lamp.

I stood in the dark, frowning at my brother’s obvious lack of faith in his twin sister, not to mention in his sense of adventure. The tigers had been real, I was sure of it. Where were they now?

Copyright Stacie Eirich November 3, 2016

Reader Qs: Do you think Suzie’s vision of the tigers was a dream, or was it real? What do you imagine will happen next? I’d love to hear your answers in the comments! 🙂

Thank you for reading! I hope you’ve enjoyed Chapter 1. Throughout November I’ll be celebrating National Novel Writing Month by completing my manuscript & getting it ready for publication! It’s an arduous process but a very fulfilling one as well. I wish all writers out there good luck with their NaNoWriMo projects — may your days be filled with fruitful words.

My next post will reveal my gorgeous novel cover AND my fabulous illustrator! So excited to share this with you — and grateful to be inspired by the artistry of others.

Happy November – National Novel Writing Month! -Stacie 


Author: seirich

I'm a mother, writer & dreamer living north of New Orleans, La. I love writing, music, theater, travel and my family. I've written and published four books of poetry and a children's fantasy series: The Dream Chronicles. I'm now working on a third children's novel.

13 thoughts on “Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny – Chapter 1: Tiger’s Escape”

  1. Oh I do love the thought of tigers running free like that… but probably I would like to watch from the inside of a sturdy house…

  2. Nice book in the making, Stacie. I am hoping that her tiger sighting was of real tigers. Alternatively, if not then I hope that your whole book is a dream. Lets keep the intrigue for a bit about seeing them.
    I’m thinking that your poem acts as a prolog in a way. You covered a lot of ground with it using a little over one page.

  3. Wonderful write Stacie! Perfect ending! There is the element of mystery still unraveled at the end despite the attempt by the twin sister to bring reality into the dream (by getting the twin brother to attest to it) And like the brother readers are wondering just as much if it was all just her imagination!


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