Witch’s Brew

I tried something new this morning — in response to a prompt to write some rhyme both creepy and sweet over at Imaginary Toads poetry blog. It was quite a bit of fun! Thanks to Magaly for pushing me to write something that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I couldn’t resist adding the photo below from the movie Hocus Pocus, as it kept popping up in my mind as I wrote my poem!

Witch’s Brew

Waking in darkened gloom
I work by the light of a blood red moon
Mixing a potion delicious with fright
steaming green & hot in the wolf’s moonlight.

Thick with goo my cauldron bubbles
then casting my spell, in size it doubles
A pinch of spiders & eye of newt, wool of bat & toe of frog
Add in wolve’s teeth, slip of yew & tongue of dog.

Next the skin from a snake and a dragon’s wing
I stir my cauldron as I cackle and sing
Where is my toad? Put him in my pot
Drop in some nightshade too, all that I’ve got.

The children sleep soundly until a great BOOM they hear
then scurrying down from above, curious eyes appear
Ahhh yes! I tell them, smiling sweetly, I’ll add your pretty heads to my stew
the finishing touch to my delectable witch’s brew.

Copyright June 13 2016 Stacie Eirich

*Note* To be fair, I must mention that as I wrote my poem I also thought about the 3 witches (also called 3 weird sisters) in Macbeth — and know that Shakespeare also mentioned some of the same ingredients as I’ve written into my brew. Below is a stage photo from a Macbeth production I found (though I could not find any other details on it) — seriously, who wouldn’t want to play those roles? Such delightful fun!




6 thoughts on “Witch’s Brew”

    1. Hahaha now that is a delicious idea — and it just so happens that a witch does visit my house every Halloween, a witch who mysteriously looks and sounds a lot like myself! 😉

  1. Delightful the cadence, I can hear the cackles brewing. And I'm so with Rommy. I would LOVE to hear it read aloud. Probably right after re-watching Hocus Pocus and rereading Macbeth!

    Thank you so much for joining in the fun, Stacie. 🙂

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