Sunset on the Sea

A week later, I’m still thinking of the short vacation I spent by the sea. Perhaps it’s the sensual nature of experiences by the ocean that guide writers so freely — into new poems like this one:

Sunset on the Sea

Colours vibrate, breathing life
into sweet marshes, tiny fish gills
floating within the ripples
of the waves.

Salty mussels with
cracked shells
float amongst
smooth blue waves.
Fleshy toes run across
the sandy shore, wrapped in
blankets of fresh heat, new love.

Evening falls over divine sunlight
as a breeze blows, cool and attentive
fireflies lighting rocky stones
brought in to shore.
Waves crash, washing them back
to hidden depths until
colour returns
the day reborn
with the dawn.

Copyright Stacie Eirich April 11 2016 

4 thoughts on “Sunset on the Sea”

  1. Nothing refreshes like a week by the sea. I'm glad that you wrote about it, Stacie. It too is relaxing, refreshing, a peaceful poem to read. Thank you.

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