Morning Muse

Today I return to my home routine of the early morn: preparing my children breakfast, re-checking their school bags, making my coffee and trying to get in a few moments of writing before they wake. Those moments don’t always happen, but when they do, I feel a small success and a lightened heart, somehow forwarding my motion towards that ubiquitous word: achievement. This is a term I think a lot about as a former English teacher and current SAT scorer (don’t ask, I can’t tell) — it’s a word that simultaneously drives me and scares me, a word that I believe both helps and hurts us.

My muse this morning, then, was this sense of achievement, as well as the desire for more. In its wake, I was left with this small poem, and more SATs to score.

art by jrcook 

Spring Wakes

Outside my window
spring wakes
flowing with birdsong
sun shining down from
high above after the dawn.

I sit, pencil in hand
scrawling poetry
in my little shell notebook
of dreams, sipping hazelnut
the beginnings of a new day.

Copyright Stacie Eirich 4/4/16

Perhaps even the smallest moment to do what your heart wants most, shared with no one or anyone you choose, is your achievement. It was mine today — I wish you your own.

Later this week I’ll return with a book review of what I’m reading now, The Moonlit Garden. I’ll also be reading and/or writing a poem a day to celebrate National Poetry Month throughout April. Check out the poetry events available in your area and read a poem a day at


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