Autumn’s First Kiss

Autumn Forest Sunlight

Autumn’s fair princess, October ran through leaves of fire

her heart tangled in Summer’s soft sighs

her lips chilled in Winter’s breath

her gown catching tints of amber & gold

Autumn’s first kiss

Copyright Stacie Eirich 10/17/16

Written in response to the Weekend-Mini Challenge by Magaly at Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, which asked for a micro-poem answering: What does October look like to you? A lovely prompt, and an inspiring month to both photograph & write about. Thanks Magaly!

Here’s a Monarch I captured while out at a fall festival this weekend. October’s beauty comes in so many shapes, colors & creatures!


For more beautiful Autumn photos, see my previous post:

Thank you for visiting Space to Dream. I wish you a wonderful week! Happy October. 🙂 -Stacie

Nature Inspired: To Autumn

As summer fades to autumn — my feet, mind, heart & pen have been inspired by nature’s beauty. Here are some of the photos I’ve taken on walks, stopping to capture quiet moments in the sunlight.



While I have written short poems for some, I don’t feel the need for words with all of them or to share them in this post. Sometimes, it is enough just to look and listen, experiencing the moment in feelings rather than words.


img_1987I hope you enjoy my moments, and that you also find time in your autumn days to soak in nature’s magnificence.



Listen to John Keats’ To Autumn — written in September of 1819, it moves through the season from warmth to cold, blossoming to dying. His poem speaks of the beauty in nature’s cycle, and in life.