Welcome Spring!


Spring is upon us! I hope you are celebrating by soaking in the beautiful sights, sounds & smells of nature around you. Here is another poem from my collection, Spring Awakening: Poems.

Happy Spring! My photo – taken on a lakefront morning walk.

Spring Afternoon

Quiet birds chitter-chattering

leaves rustling, trees swaying gently

fat white clouds moving, drifting across the soft blue sky.

A wind catches my papers, blowing them across

freshly mown grass, the scent of it

heavy in the warm air.

Bright pink flowers blooming

a small green lizard climbing the chair

next to mine, creeping fast.

A breeze blows the empty swings

awaiting children

their sounds of laughter, squeals of delight

filling the April air

when the yellow school bus

arrives home.

Copyright Stacie Eirich March 20, 2017

Originally published April 18, 2016

Happy Springtime! Thank you for stopping by Space to Dream. Have a wonderful day! -Stacie

Spring Awakening

Today it feels apt to share a poem that speaks to the season which has sprung around us. Though it is quite a chilly, crisp day by southern Louisiana standards; it is sunny outside my window, and I see blooms on the bushes and hear birds chirping. So, the awakening of spring has begun…

                            Image source: Media Gallery @swcidelaware.org


I see her in a pink sparkle haze
floating among the trees
her jellied wings
flexing in and out
as if in water
I reach to touch a wing
my fingers stretched outward
into the sweetened air
hovering ’round her
she hangs as if suspended, unmoving
her wings opening wide
to reveal diamonds
they fall into my hand
like gold from a leprechaun
raining beautiful trinkets
and little pink sparkles
from her wings
as she delicately
flies away..

Copyright Stacie Eirich March 13, 2017

Originally posted March 21 2016

An e-collection of poems written from March-June 2016. They symbolize an awakening of creativity, passion and beginnings, like the new life of spring.

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Spring Awakening: Poems


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April is fast coming to a close, and as a final salute to National Poetry Month, I am posting a new poem and a review of a poetry collection. The poem was written in response to a prompt over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, which is fast becoming my favorite site to find other poets and a plethora of unique and thoughtful writing. The poetry collection I received for free over at Goodreads, in exchange for an honest review.

InstaPoetry: 100 words or less, taken from a photo outside my window. 




Perched in her own space, eyes closed
she basks in the morning light, warming her fur
as I write my poem, feeling the soft April breeze
rush in from the open window.
The street is quiet, no cars going past
no children playing, only an occasional chattering
of birds, a light rustling of leaves
sounds of motors whirring on distant roads.
She opens one eye, looks up at my camera
stretches her face to mine, meows, hops down
stalking towards the front door, tail upright
telling me to end my poem and let her out
into the glorious sunshine.

Copyright April 29 2016 Stacie Eirich

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