January’s Romance – Winter Inspired

The dawn of 2017 has so far been a cold one; here in Louisiana we’ve felt the chill of January, though we aren’t likely to see any snow. As a romantic who has always loved the snow (though not, admittedly, driving in it or shoveling it) – I long for the Winter of my childhood, and the beauty of a January sun shining on glittering white fields. If you’ve read my book, Space to Dream, you know that nature & the seasons – and in particular, Winter, inspires my writing. Indeed, I am a child born of this season and find its sights, smells & chills continue to inspire me even while I live in the south. I hope you enjoy some of my new Winter poems, and that despite the chill – you are warm.

I lie under pink swirls of sky,

enveloped in sparkling snow blankets,

awaiting the chill of night,

her stark beauty, Winter’s kiss.

In a silent night of solstice moon,

we watch twinkling lights glisten,

Winter’s hush broken by angels,

voices beyond the stars.

She dreamt of a wild, free love,

Stars tangled in her hair on a moonlit winter night,

Snow melting on her skin in a fiery glow.

May Winter’s fairy kiss you,

By her snowfall may you dream,

Her heart-fire keeping you warm,

Whilst stories in your soul gleam.

Safe within this Fireside fantasy hold me tight,

Whisper sonnets of love to my delight,

Recite Keats & Shelley, Romantics bright.

Copyright 1/9/17 Stacie Eirich

Originally posted on Instagram @spacetodreampoetry 

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Window to the North Pole

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago, a Winter fantasy celebrating the upcoming holiday. Only 4 nights to go until Christmas is upon us! I wish you the wonder & joy of children as they look into the snow, hoping to see Santa’s sleigh gliding through the frosty air.

There Really Is A Santa, by Tom Sierak

Window to the North Pole

An unfolding web of white glistens,

holding my thoughts in this chill,

while sweet gingerbread candles flicker

in my peripheral vision.

The sky drops little peppermint treasures

on my frosted eyelids as I look up,

I grasp onto red & white stripes as it passes –

it melts in the warmth of my palms.

Minty freshness captures my nose

as I hold my skin to the snow glossed window,

to absorb a bit more of this Winter fantasy,

as the blanket of snowflakes outside wraps itself

further ’round this December world,

and the children dance gleefully in its midst,

a prelude to Santa’s return…

*Yet it seems this place is already a North Pole of sorts..Maybe Santa and his reindeer don’t have far to go, after all..I thought I might’ve seen his rosy cheeks through that window..perhaps he dropped that candy cane..*

Copyright 12/20/16 Stacie Eirich 

Santa’s Special Delivery, by Thomas Kinkade

Merry Christmas to all!

There will be more poems, prose & book reviews to come in 2017 – as well as the second novel in The Dream Chronicles series, Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword. I hope you’ll continue to join me on my writing adventures! Have a safe & happy holiday. 🙂 -Stacie