Entering Dragon Kingdom

January was a month of returning to routines, recovery from flu and colds, and novel writing research, with many of my days spent between the shelves in the library. It is a task I’m always happy to take on, one which is sometimes more thrilling than the act of writing something new. But as I read fascinating tales & ancient mythologies from far off lands, ideas for my own tales never cease to rush forth. Consequently, for each hour I’ve spent in research, another will be spent in my own writing.

And so, as Winter come to an end here in Louisiana and the colorful Mardi Gras celebrations parade down our streets – it is with a sense of accomplishment that I feel the Spring begin. With an entire novel synopsis completed and the bones of a story beginning to grow & take shape on my pages, I’m ready to share a bit of Dragon Kingdom with you!

Here is the opening poem to the third and final book in The Dream Chronicles, Dragon Kingdom & The Wishing Stone.

Dragon Kingdom

A Kingdom in the sky, it floats above the clouds,

filled with magical, mythical birds of all colors and types,

both mysterious and magical, it remains unseen by those below.

Ruled by a fiery Dragon Queen,

her silver scales glistening diamonds

her voice musical & majestic.


The Dragon Castle glitters with jewel colored wings,

whilst sounds of birdsong float continuously through the air,

and fairies play, their mischievous eyes glinting as they laugh,

their bell-like voices mixing with chirps in the breeze.


Dragons soar in figure eight patterns, cutting a brilliant rainbow

through an azure sky, the yellow meadowlark trilling her song,

as she sits high atop the castle tower,

marking time like a clock at noon.


Then the clouds part as a shock of colorful wings

blaze through them, the sun lowering

and setting in a brilliant orange-red glow,

bathing Dragon Castle in an almost ghostly light,

each turret marked

by a pair of watchful eyes

and a set of feathered wings at its perch.


Night rises with clear and full moonlight,

shifting the sky from crimson to soft velvet blue,

and the voice of the nightingale sings,

the sky’s canvas deepening to a rich midnight purple.


A Kingdom of dreams, filled with fairy magic,

it shimmers with light, born from stories,

and fed with imaginations, it is the magical place

where the Wishing Stone was created.

Copyright Stacie Eirich February 2, 2018

I hope you enjoyed this early glimpse into Dragon Kingdom. Upcoming posts will highlight my research for the novel & include a peek into:

  •  Irish Fairy Tales & the works of Oscar Wilde & W.B. Yeats
  •  Irish Myths & Legends, including Magical Stones
  •  Mythical Beasts from Around the World

Thank you for visiting Space to Dream. Have a magical day! –Stacie 

*Note* Any shared artworks in this or future posts are NOT illustrations from my upcoming book. They are free google images. 

Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny – Chapter 3: A Magic Key

I hope you enjoy this final preview to Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny. The full novel will be published on Amazon – Friday, December 16th! It will be available as both a paperback & an e-book. It’s been an amazing adventure to write my first novel. My hope is that the story of Tiger Kingdom inspires many readers, young & old – to imagine & dream!


Chapter 2: A Magic Key

As Mrs. Drake spoke, I felt my excitement waning, then plunging down deep into the pit of my stomach, turning to dread. There’s nothing I hate more than a writing assignment. It isn’t that I don’t have ideas—they swirl in my head so fast that my pencil can never keep up! At the end, I’m left with a jumble of letters that often make no sense to anyone but me. I sat with my journal opened to a fresh, clean lined page. I stared into it, willing my pencil to begin the words. Instead, I began to draw. I drew the tigers, their bold stripes bending along their backs, their paws held up in mid-flight, flying across the page. With each line, my pencil moved faster, my heart beat stronger, and I felt the familiar rush of creating something.

Around me, everything seemed still, the classroom silent except for the scratching of pencils on paper. I didn’t look up from my drawing, though, wanting to add the details of my dream. As I began drawing the streetlamp in the background, something seemed to glimmer on the page. I raised it up from the desk, shaking it as if to shake away dust. But now the paper seemed to be glowing, right in my hand. I stared, my pencil suspended in the air in disbelief. In the shadow of the streetlamp I had drawn was an outline of something. I put the paper right up to my eye. It was a key. I dropped my pencil, head jerking up to look around the classroom.

But I wasn’t in the classroom any more. I was outside, standing in the darkness. A streetlamp glowed near me. It was as if I had closed my eyes and stepped into my drawing—into my dream where the tigers had been. How is this possible? I gaped.

Suddenly, the silence was broken by a thundering, a pounding so loud it vibrated the ground below me. The tigers! As if in response, my own feet spun into action and I ran, the cold wind biting my skin as I rushed forward. But I heard another sound on the wind, this one a high-pitched melody. It seemed to twinkle and echo, repeating over and over, pulling me in the other direction, away from the road. I turned toward it, running straight into the thorny brambles of a rosebush.

“Arrrrgh! Owww!” I cried as I fell sideways into the thorns. I had never been an athlete, and in fact was something of a klutz. I cursed myself for my two left feet, feeling the pain of fresh scrapes on my legs. I rolled away from the bush, peering down to see if there was any blood, hoping I wouldn’t have to test my nursing skills too. Something was glowing in the grass next to me.

It was the key. It shone as bright as gold, with a beautiful blue stone at its center. Around the stone were three animal shapes: a tiger, a bear, and a bird. And there were symbols on it, too, which looked like ancient hieroglyphic script. I stared at it, transfixed. The music I had heard seemed to be louder now—as if coming from the key itself. Enchanted by its power, and with the pain of my legs forgotten, I reached out my hand and picked it up.