Happy National Poetry Month! Be Inspired.

Unicorn Book of Magic Greeting Card by Trudi Simmonds

Happy National Poetry Month! Throughout April, I hope you notice the light being shone upon poetry where you live, in classrooms, and in the media. I am excited to see the beautiful, inspiring, whimsical & funny poems that this month brings. I will be posting each week with a different kind of poem; my intention is to share both children’s and adult poetry with varying themes and forms. There are so many different ways that poetry can look & feel – and all are worth exploring! Today, I will start with the poetry that first fascinated me & still keeps my heart today – inspirational, magical children’s poetry. As a mother, I can now experience it anew with my children.

My daughter loves art of all kinds. We have bins bulging full of colored pencils, markers, crayons and paints – sketching pads, note pads, papers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Her drawings are often of rainbows, family members, friends, school, playgrounds, animals – real things that she has seen, touched and experienced. People she loves. But lately, her drawings feature magical creatures. Here is her drawing, and my poem for today.


There she stands
beauty, white as snow
cascading mane upon her neck
her satiny purple eyes aglow. 

There she stands
high upon a mountaintop
next to a rainbow
shining in its colourful light.

There she stands
glorious creature of the clouds
holding her head high
proud to be alive and free!

There she stands
a symbol for those who believe
letting those who do
see the magic she beholds.

There she stands
making wishes comes true
and people into believers
for she is 
a Unicorn. 

Copyright Stacie Eirich April 3, 2017

Originally posted March 28, 2016

Seeing her drawing and reading the poem I wrote, I am reminded how children remind us of the magic all around us, if only we allow ourselves to see and believe. Reading, writing, poetry, music – the arts – offer so many ways to enrich our souls and cultivate creativity. I hope that my daughter will always have a love of creating, of dreaming, and mostly that she’ll never stop believing in magic – and in herself.

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April 2016, I published a collection titled Canvas of Imagination: Poems. It includes Unicorn plus 15 other poems I wrote in my childhood. Available on Amazon for $0.99 – I hope it inspires kids & teens to read, write, and seek out more poetry.

On Thursday, April 6th, I’ll be sharing a post celebrating children’s poetry over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Toads is a lovely online community of poets who share their passion for poetry, and this month there will be posts featuring original poems & writing prompts every day. Do go and visit to be inspired!

Thanks for stopping by Space to Dream. Have a wonderful day. 🙂 -Stacie

p.s. Below is a beautiful video, a spoken word poem that expresses the wonder of a child and encourages adults to recapture that wonder. Never stop wondering, imagining, & dreaming! This is the heart of children’s poetry.

Arctic Inspirations

As I begin delving into the writing process for my second novel, Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword, I’ve been doing research to both educate & inspire. I’ve been amazed by what I’ve learned about the Arctic Circle and the animals that inhabit its frozen land & waters. While my first point of research was the Polar Bear – the arctic is also home to whales, narwhals, seals, wolves, hares, lemmings & terns (arctic birds). Some of these fascinating animals have already found their way into my story! I’ve also become even more aware of the danger global warming poses to their arctic environment, and the urgency of need for change in order to preserve their land & lives. Similar to Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny and the rainforests, it seems impossible to write a story set in a world like the arctic without also taking time to inform my readers about it, which is why I am certain there will be a short non-fiction element within Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword as well.

I’ve also read & revisited fairytales and folktales from Northern Europe that will influence the character’s journeys & magic within my own story, specifically, two tales from Norway – East of the Sun, West of the Moon & White Bear King Valemon.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Bear Kingdom 

A land of bone-chilling cold

brisk, crisp wind and shimmering snow

of polar bears hunting, their sharp claws and fierce teeth

piercing solid ice in the frigid air.

Shimmering, glimmering stars and a cold, full moon

of white ice, brilliant blue.

On the tallest mountain of snow stands a glittering ice castle

locked in the heart of the bears lair, the center of a frozen cave

lies the gleaming, golden sword

the wishing stone at its center

warm rainbow colors shining, beaming

through the ice, searching for her owners

radiating a warmth of light

in an everlasting winter.

          Copyright Stacie Eirich Feb 6, 2017 (Original post Aug 27, 2016) 

White Bear King Valemon

I hope you will continue on this journey with me as I endeavour to write the story of Suzie, Jack & their friends in their adventures in Bear Kingdom! I’ll post inspirations, updates & previews as I write, and look forward to publishing the novel later this year.

May you be inspired to do what fills your heart – and thank you for stopping by Space to Dream. -Stacie

Spookily Wonderful


Autumn is perhaps my most favorite of the seasons, and Halloween the most exciting of holidays to celebrate. It is such delicious fun to be scared, to dress up in colorful costumes, carve spooky pumpkin faces & roast the seeds, filling the house with smells of cinnamon & nutmeg. As I type, I am craving a pumpkin spice latte, arguably the most popular drink of the season (at least, for Starbucks lovers). I’m remembering seasonal trips to a barn where the pumpkin doughnuts seemed sent straight from heaven, & the apples plentiful. There is such lovely nostalgia in Autumn, a longing for what has been, as the season fades to Winter.

On October 31st, I’ll decorate my door with orange lights & don my costume along with the children– filling the house with the scent of roasting seeds & sounds of haunting melodies. In anticipation of the holiday, here is a poem of witches (I do know so many delightful ones).


Witch’s Brew

Waking in darkened gloom
I work by the light of a blood red moon
Mixing a potion delicious with fright
steaming green & hot in the wolf’s moonlight.

Thick with goo my cauldron bubbles
then casting my spell, in size it doubles
A pinch of spiders & eye of newt, wool of bat & toe of frog
Add in wolve’s teeth, slip of yew & tongue of dog.

Next the skin from a snake and a dragon’s wing
I stir my cauldron as I cackle and sing
Where is my toad? Put him in my pot
Drop in some nightshade too, all that I’ve got.

The children sleep soundly until a great BOOM they hear
then scurrying down from above, curious eyes appear
Ahh yes! I tell them, smiling sweetly, I’ll add your pretty heads to my stew
the finishing touch to my delectable witch’s brew.

Copyright Stacie Eirich 2016 

I hope your candy bags & hearts are filled on this All Hallow’s Eve. Wishing you a spookily wonderful time!

Note * I’m linking this post to Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads, where I’ve written a post today titled: Celebrating the Season – Dreaming with Stacie for the Mid-Week Poetry Challenge. Do hop over and check it out; I hope the season inspires you to write & share your own poem! Thanks for visiting & reading.