Summer Reading 2017: Kids Wrap Up!

Today is July 31, 2017 – and our summer is winding down, with school starting again in just 10 days. My kids have earned their Summer Reading Certificates and we are wrapping up our Summer Reading 2017 Build a Better World reading adventures. 

I hope you’ve had as fun and bookish a summer as we have. Good luck to all the kids, parents, teachers & caretakers starting new school adventures this fall. I will continue sharing poetry, prose, book reviews and bookish news – so stay tuned!

As always, thank you for visiting Space to Dream. Have a wonderful day!


p.s. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that today just happens to be the birthday of one very famous wizard, and one very famous author! Happy Birthday to Harry Potter & J.K. Rowling – you are inspirations to every reader & writer! Celebrate them by reading (or re-reading) some HP today.

Summer Reading 2017: July Edition

With the end of July in sight, the heat still climbing outside – my kids & I have been making a local tour of snowball stands, splash pads & even turned our backyard into a wet obstacle course! We’ve also been reading like mad, so much so that we stopped keeping track of reading minutes on their reading logs or the number of books we’ve finished together.

A Little Free Library Full of Books!
As of July 15th, our library Summer Reading Program (& activities) have now ended, but kids can still turn in their reading logs through August 12th. Today, my kids were happy to receive their reading certificates. I’m very proud that they & so many other kids are Building a Better World! 

Building a Better World with Books!

While the number one thing the Summer Reading Program does is encourage kids to read, the next best thing is the free, creative activities. My kids loved building structures out of straws, minecraft people out of blocks, and airplanes out of construction paper. A great activity for both parents and kids was Lego Robotics, where families worked together to build & code robots! Perhaps their most challenging activity was the Lego structure competition, where they worked together to build a creation on the theme “Build a Better World with Books.” Judged on their building skills, creativity and ability to explain their structure, they were surprised to receive 2nd place in their age category!

Lego Competition 2nd place Winners!
Summer is still swinging, and we will still be reading in the weeks ahead. In fact, as we left the library today, my daughter was already cracking open her newest find, reading it in the car as we spent our day out and about. When we arrived home, having spent a couple hot hours outside, she carried the book inside, exclaiming at the miracle of air-conditioning. And a minute later? Her nose was, happily, stuck in a book. 🙂💖📚

Thank you for reading, and for visiting Space to Dream. Happy Summer Reading! Have a wonderful day. -Stacie