Spookily Wonderful


Autumn is perhaps my most favorite of the seasons, and Halloween the most exciting of holidays to celebrate. It is such delicious fun to be scared, to dress up in colorful costumes, carve spooky pumpkin faces & roast the seeds, filling the house with smells of cinnamon & nutmeg. As I type, I am craving a pumpkin spice latte, arguably the most popular drink of the season (at least, for Starbucks lovers). I’m remembering seasonal trips to a barn where the pumpkin doughnuts seemed sent straight from heaven, & the apples plentiful. There is such lovely nostalgia in Autumn, a longing for what has been, as the season fades to Winter.

On October 31st, I’ll decorate my door with orange lights & don my costume along with the children– filling the house with the scent of roasting seeds & sounds of haunting melodies. In anticipation of the holiday, here is a poem of witches (I do know so many delightful ones).


Witch’s Brew

Waking in darkened gloom
I work by the light of a blood red moon
Mixing a potion delicious with fright
steaming green & hot in the wolf’s moonlight.

Thick with goo my cauldron bubbles
then casting my spell, in size it doubles
A pinch of spiders & eye of newt, wool of bat & toe of frog
Add in wolve’s teeth, slip of yew & tongue of dog.

Next the skin from a snake and a dragon’s wing
I stir my cauldron as I cackle and sing
Where is my toad? Put him in my pot
Drop in some nightshade too, all that I’ve got.

The children sleep soundly until a great BOOM they hear
then scurrying down from above, curious eyes appear
Ahh yes! I tell them, smiling sweetly, I’ll add your pretty heads to my stew
the finishing touch to my delectable witch’s brew.

Copyright Stacie Eirich 10/27/2016 

I hope your candy bags & hearts are filled on this All Hallow’s Eve. Wishing you a spookily wonderful time!

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