Jumping into June

With June has come the rain, and we’ve spent our first couple of summer weeks mostly indoors. Though I know we all long for a day of sunlight and outdoor fun, the kids and I have had a lot of creative fun indoors, as well as reading time. I managed to read a novel in a week (The Chilbury Ladies choir, by Jennifer Ryan – a wonderful historical fiction novel set in Britain during WWII that celebrates the power of music that I highly recommend) — as well as read along with some of the kids book picks. We’ve also had some lovely visits to the library, where we picked out new books for the month, played a variety of games, and learned about flight around the world! The kids had fun making and flying their own paper airplanes.

A rainy day spent in the library

The kids learn about flight around the world

June Kids Book List:

Katie and the Cupcake War, Cupcake Diaries series by Coco Simon

Mia’s Boiling Point, Cupcake Diaries series by Coco Simon (not pictured above)

Pokemon XY, story by Hidenori Kusaka, Art by Satoshi Yamamoto

Tigers at Twilight, Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne

Welcome to Camden Falls, Main Street series, by Ann M. Martin

Gemma the Gymnastics Fairy, Rainbow Magic series, by Daisy Meadows

Bailey the Babysitter Fairy, Rainbow Magic series, by Daisy Meadows (not pictured above)

Violet in Bloom, a Flower Power Book, by Lauren Myracle (not pictured above)

The Secret of the Fairies, Thea Stilton series (not pictured above)

Tales from a NOT-SO-Friendly Frenemy, Dork Diaries series, by Rachel Renee Russell (not pictured above)

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton

The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman, illustrated by David Roberts

What Eats What in a Rain Forest Food Chain, by Lisa J. Amstutz, illustrated by Anne Wertheim

Kids June Book Picks

What I’m currently reading: The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

What I’m reading next: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

As the rain continues to fall outside our windows, I’m hoping for sunny summer days ahead in the second half of June! We’ll be heading up north via long-distance train to visit Mimi & Papaw, and of course we’ll be packing books to read along our journey.

Thanks for reading and visiting Space to Dream. Have a wonderful day, and stay tuned for more summer reading adventures!




Cherish the Moments: Summer 2017 

As I sit outside on a breezy, calm sunny afternoon, I feel happy and grateful to begin the summer. A summer that will be spent outdoors having backyard picnics, sinking our toes into dewy grass, reading books & pointing out patterns in the clouds. A summer that will be full of  visits to parks, playgrounds, & pools – running, jumping, swimming & playing hide & seek with friends. A summer that will be both wonderful and exhausting, long and hot — but by its end will seem as if we blinked and it was gone.

Of course, like any parent with a smartphone – there are always pictures – but not every moment in the sun (or the pool) can be photographed. Some moments are meant, I think, only to be experienced and enjoyed at the very moment they happen – and it’s up to us to catalog them in our brains and hold them fast in our hearts, remembering the feelings they gave us. Remembering the joy that a summer spent soaking in the sun with our children, families & friends brought us. Cherishing it. And being grateful that we had it.

1st Day of Summer
This morning, my children dragged a blanket out into the grass, along with a pile of books, shells, snacks and their brand new fidget spinners. We spent a delightful couple of hours taking turns reading to each other, pouring over their shell collection, teaching each other tricks with the spinners, and lying on the blanket finding cloud-shapes. My daughter surprised me by launching into narrative – making up her own story aloud in-the-moment, something I had never heard her do before. As she spun a tale of animals on a quest to touch a life-giving gem in a magical forest and her brother and I sat and listened, I felt it was one of those moments – the kind you want to wrap into your memory and hold forever, but also the kind you know you will never experience the same way again.

Soon after she finished her story, she & her brother ran to swing, jump & play – their next summer adventure already begun. Still sitting on the blanket in the warm sunlight, I picked up my book and turned the pages, my gaze moving slowing from the words to the cloud shapes moving above, listening to their voices & laughter mixed with the summer breeze.

Summer 2017 Book List: 

The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan

The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan

Captain Underpants (#12) by Dav Pilkey

Dogman Unleashed by Dav Pilkey

Lego City – Fire Team Adventures 

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Stella and the Night Sprites by Sam Hay

Princess and the Page by Christina Farley

Summer Reading 2017
After our beautiful first morning in the sun, the kids & visited our local library and they picked out their first summer book haul & got officially signed up for the summer reading program. In addition to reading logs, they both received their first reading patch, a bookmark & a calendar of free activities they can attend. Beginning June 19th, kids can turn in their completed reading log to earn this years big reward – a creative tool belt! We usually complete and turn in our logs in late July, as I think stretching out the program and then getting a reward late in the summer helps boost them through the remaining days before school begins again.

Thank you for reading and visiting Space to Dream. I hope your summer has had as sweet a beginning as ours, and that you and the kids in your life are making time to read! Happy Summer! -Stacie