Witch’s Brew

I tried something new this morning — in response to a prompt to write some rhyme both creepy and sweet over at Imaginary Toads poetry blog. It was quite a bit of fun! Thanks to Magaly for pushing me to write something that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I couldn’t resist adding the photo below from the movie Hocus Pocus, as it kept popping up in my mind as I wrote my poem!

Witch’s Brew

Waking in darkened gloom
I work by the light of a blood red moon
Mixing a potion delicious with fright
steaming green & hot in the wolf’s moonlight.

Thick with goo my cauldron bubbles
then casting my spell, in size it doubles
A pinch of spiders & eye of newt, wool of bat & toe of frog
Add in wolve’s teeth, slip of yew & tongue of dog.

Next the skin from a snake and a dragon’s wing
I stir my cauldron as I cackle and sing
Where is my toad? Put him in my pot
Drop in some nightshade too, all that I’ve got.

The children sleep soundly until a great BOOM they hear
then scurrying down from above, curious eyes appear
Ahhh yes! I tell them, smiling sweetly, I’ll add your pretty heads to my stew
the finishing touch to my delectable witch’s brew.

Copyright June 13 2016 Stacie Eirich

*Note* To be fair, I must mention that as I wrote my poem I also thought about the 3 witches (also called 3 weird sisters) in Macbeth — and know that Shakespeare also mentioned some of the same ingredients as I’ve written into my brew. Below is a stage photo from a Macbeth production I found (though I could not find any other details on it) — seriously, who wouldn’t want to play those roles? Such delightful fun!




I’m a poet, not a f*cking housecleaner

I’m dedicating this poem to all parents out there – especially Moms – who find ourselves with so much work to do, inside and outside of the home. It’s hard to give ourselves permission (and since when do we need f*cking permission?!)  to do the things we really want, the things our souls need. To be able to just say no — just let the dishes sit there for a while, let the phone or the mail or the errand wait — and do what our hearts desire. George Carlin’s dirty words somehow catapulted me into being able to say “That Shit can wait” today — for the few minutes it took me to write this poem, and some time after. Can I get a hell yeah? 😉 So, thanks to Michael over at Toads (who posted the writing prompt I’m responding to) and to George for the laughs and the inspiration.


I’m a poet, not a f*cking housecleaner

Midway to the door, notebook & pen in hand
I stop.
Laundry sits, shirts and trousers and socks and underwear
in a mixed pile, floor littered with breakfast crumbs.
Mail strewn on the desk, legos and stuffed animals in the hall.

So what? I think. “So What.” I say it out loud.
“That Shit can wait.” Tastes good on my tongue.

Today, I’m going to write
and not feel sorry about it.
Nope. Not for one Motherf*cking minute.
“Did you hear that?” I tell the powder & navy blue school shirts,
the muffin crumbs, the sticky counters, the block towers.
“I’m going to write.”

I put the kettle on, step out into the sunshine
in my comfy yoga pants and too-big t-shirt
hair freshly washed, messy curls
falling around my face
no make-up, no shoes.
Acoustic guitar tunes on my stereo
I turn the dial up loud
laughing, that might Piss off the neighbors
but the moment feels too good, so I ignore the voice in my head
that tells me to stop, turn it down, go back in and do something else
“F*ck off.” I say out loud. “This is what I’m doing.”

Sitting in the sunshine, just me and my pen
writing dirty words
washing me clean
opening my soul.

Copyright May 20 2016 Stacie Eirich 

Here’s George Carlin’s video that inspired the writing prompt today over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. It’s hilarious and will give you many laughs to start off your weekend with! Have a great one.