Eternal Winter & Love’s Return

The weekend challenge over @Toads is to write a micro-poem (10 lines or less) using ‘because it is my heart’ as a frame of reference. Thinking of how hearts are often desired, taken or somehow changed in fairy tales — I wrote two connected poems that form one magical story. Having recently read a re-telling of The Snow Queen, my poems draw heavily from that fairy tale — as well as another favorite fairy tale, The Sleeping Beauty.  And finally, it is also influenced by my memory of Andrew Lang’s The Green Fairy Book.

Eternal Winter
The Snow Queen by

Eternal Winter

High atop a mountain, in a castle on a hill

A princess born under a sparkling summer sun

Skin white as milk, hair spun of gold, lips red as rose

Many journeyed from far and wide to bestow their gifts upon her

Disguised among them, a jealous witch wove a spell around her

A chill arose in the air, summer turning to winter

Freezing her heart so no love could enter.

Though she grew in beauty and grace, the space where her heart should be held a vast, gaping hole

The hill buried in a thick blanket of snow, the castle upon it turned to ice

Locked in the eternal winter of her frozen heart.

Copyright July 31 2016 Stacie Eirich 

Love's Return

Love’s Return 

From far across the land, a peasant boy journeyed to rescue the princess’s heart, seeking to return love to her empty breast

In peril he trod through ice & snow, bravely fighting hairy, clawed beasts and sharp-toothed dragons

Victorious, yet injured-he emerged, the princess’s still beating heart in his hands

Swiftly he ran with his last ounce of energy, up the snowy hill to her castle of ice

She lay inside, lifeless and still.

Gently he placed her heart inside the empty hole, the air around them warming

Bathing the princess and the peasant boy in a golden glow, the sun rising

Breathing a long sigh, she woke.

Her heart beating strong, filled with new love, she embraced the boy in thanks, her tears flowing to heal his wounds, the ice melting away

The summer sun returning to shine brightly, high atop the  mountain, over the castle on the hill.

Copyright July 31 2016 Stacie Eirich

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