Bear Kingdom


Bear Kingdom

A land of bone-chilling cold

brisk, crisp wind and shimmering snow

of polar bears hunting, their sharp claws and fierce teeth

piercing solid ice in the frigid air.

Shivering, glimmering stars and a cold, full moon

of white ice, brilliant blue.

On the tallest mountain of snow stands a glittering ice castle

locked in the heart of the bears lair, the center of a frozen cave

lies the gleaming, golden sword

the wishing stone at its center

warm rainbow colors shining, beaming

through the ice, searching for her owners

radiating a warmth of light

in an everlasting winter.

Copyright Stacie Eirich August 27 2016

This poem is a glimpse at a fantasy adventure story I’m writing, a story about a young sister & brother who find themselves in adventurous lands filled with animals & magic. The first magical land they encounter is filled with sun and tigers. The second magical land is filled with snow and bears. Fierce, dazzling – unreachable – hiding in the snowy mountains, the polar bears lie in wait, protecting a golden sword that has a very special stone within it.  The bears want its power but don’t understand it. Fierce & dazzling, they will battle to protect their land, and what they believe is their own, against any perceived threats — even children. 

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Meet Elena & Liam


In addition to Suzie & Jack, who I introduced as the main human characters of my novel-in-progress last week (here’s a link to that post: Meet Suzie & Jack), there are two other children. These two children are also a brother and sister, and readers will meet them in the jungle of The Tiger Kingdom. Their names are Elena & Liam. Here are their poems.


She stood by the castle door, still as its stone

small, thin – with porcelain skin, clear eyes like water

hair light and long hanging down her back

dressed in a flowing gown of white, she glowed

against the harsh, brilliant light of the sun.

She was so tiny I wondered

how she didn’t just fade away

her eyes shined with sad tears

flicking briefly to my own

she seemed to almost smile, speak

then the great beast took her hand in his paw

and she looked away without speaking

letting him guide her

inside the castle walls.


He scans, searches through dense leaves

skin dry and hot with heat

wipes his brow thick with sweat

Eyes sharp, dark and narrow

ears pricked to hear and interpret sounds

a myriad in this jungle

He knows he must protect her

he must find them a way back

to their home, their mother and father

He sees her now, her smiling eyes

deep, throaty laugh and hair bright as the sun.

He resembles his father, with almond eyes

tanned skin, hair dark as night.

Blinking away the image, he focuses on the task at hand

smells fear in the air, knowing his prey is near

and a storm hangs in low clouds

soon the stillness changing

to a forest full of motion

his long limbs flying through endless trees

his boots wet, heart squeezed in his chest with longing

hungry for home, for love –

for the family he left behind.

Copyright August 7 2016 Stacie Eirich 

Elena and Liam figure prominently in the adventures of The Tiger Kingdom, and I chose names that reflect their natures and significance to the story. Elena, of Spanish, Greek & Hebrew origins — means the bright one, shining light, torch, chosen. Liam, of Irish origin — means strong-willed warrior.