Summer Reading 2017: Kids Wrap Up!

Today is July 31, 2017 – and our summer is winding down, with school starting again in just 10 days. My kids have earned their Summer Reading Certificates and we are wrapping up our Summer Reading 2017 Build a Better World reading adventures. 

I hope you’ve had as fun and bookish a summer as we have. Good luck to all the kids, parents, teachers & caretakers starting new school adventures this fall. I will continue sharing poetry, prose, book reviews and bookish news – so stay tuned!

As always, thank you for visiting Space to Dream. Have a wonderful day!


p.s. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that today just happens to be the birthday of one very famous wizard, and one very famous author! Happy Birthday to Harry Potter & J.K. Rowling – you are inspirations to every reader & writer! Celebrate them by reading (or re-reading) some HP today.

Summer Reading 2017: June’s End 

It’s the last week of June, and just that like that – we are halfway through summer. We’ve had equal amounts of rain and sun, some days so filled with activities that I haven’t noticed the hours passing by. Perhaps my favorite days, though, have been the ones where we haven’t had much on the calendar. In those moments, the kids have done some simple but amazing things: taken nature walks (painting rocks they found afterwards), flown kites, gone fishing, found a quiet corner to read a new book, and created new games with old toys. I can’t think of anything more satisfying as a parent than seeing them use their imaginations and find beauty in ordinary things.

One of the simple things we have loved doing together is visiting Little Free Libraries. We have one at our local city park that we visit frequently, but we’ve also visited others on day trips and on our cross-country summer vacation to Illinois. What I love most about these little libraries is their variety, not only in books, but also in the colorful, fun way people build and decorate them. My favorite one so far is a repurposed London Telephone Box in my hometown of Bloomington, Illinois.

To find the Little Free Libraries near you, go to:

This summer my kids and I have found books in many places: our local library, bookstores, yard sales, coffee shops, a juice bar, little free libraries. Some books we’ve borrowed, others we’ve exchanged (“take one, leave one”), and the rest we’ve purchased at reduced prices with the little pocket money we carry. The best finds are the unexpected ones, and I love seeing the kids reactions at those moments – it’s truly like seeing them in a candy store, but it’s books!

And books, without a doubt, are so much sweeter. đŸ™‚