Update: The Dream Chronicles, Book 2

In the last few months, I’ve used Space to Dream as a place to share summer reading, book reviews, and my own poems. While I was also busy writing my second novel in The Dream Chronicles series, I have intentionally kept quiet about it because I was also seeking a literary agent and publisher. Of course, I set aside my draft for most of the summer to spend time with my children at home.

With the kids back at school, I’ve once again been happily at work on Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword, revising and editing my manuscript while continuing to search for a literary professional who believes in it as much as I do. Daily I remind myself that it only takes one, and even children’s literature maven J.K. Rowling herself sent the first book of Harry Potter to many agents and publishing houses before her manuscript was championed.

With months having passed since I first sent queries to agents and publishers, and a number of rejections received – I am at a crossroads for making the decision that many writers find themselves with: Do I self-publish?

The resounding answer is: Yes. I will publish my work. And I will promote it because I believe it is good, and it is what my heart is leading me to do. But most importantly, I will publish it and continue writing & creating new content. And with each new piece of writing I create, I will have another opportunity to find agents, publishers – and most importantly – readers! – who connect with it.

Will anyone ever believe in my writing as much as I do? Probably not. But I’m not giving up hope that there will be someone out there who sees enough magic in it to give it a chance.

That said, I will be posting previews of Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword and related content in the coming weeks! I will soon be announcing the official publishing date on Amazon as well. Stay Tuned!

Thank you for visiting Space to Dream. Have a wonderful weekend!