The Meaning of Light

Yesterday I flew through long stretches of clouds, travelling above state lines as the rain soaked windshields and stopped traffic below. The cover of the airline’s in-flight magazine caught my eye – titled “The Meaning of Light” – I thought of the book I carried in my bag that pondered that same question. Flipped through the pages, intending to scan and not necessarily read. Like with Sky-mall, marveling at the unique and often un-affordable gadgets for sale. Instead, I read page after page, absorbed by light poetry from astronauts, the colours of a guitar from a musician, innovations of light from engineers, scientists and urban planners, even an entire city celebrating light. I didn’t stop reading until I’d finished cover to cover, until the seat-belt sign above blinked red and the airplane began its descent to the earth below.

photo by D. Breezy 

As I looked up into the sky last night, sun peeking out from behind rainy clouds just before darkness, I was reminded of the power, energy and creativity the light gives us. I imagined the colours in the vast sky above, like the colours the astronauts experienced thousands of miles above the earth — forever in motion, constantly changing. And I was thankful. Thankful in the knowledge that the light will always be present, always creating, always returning with each new dawn.

Here is a link to the issue. Happy Reading!

Unicorn: A Drawing & A Poem

My daughter loves art of all kinds. We have bins bulging full of colored pencils, markers, crayons and paints — sketching pads, note pads, papers of all colors, shapes and sizes. Her drawings are often of rainbows, family members, friends, school, playgrounds, animals — real things that she has seen, touched and experienced. People she loves. But lately, her drawings feature magical creatures. Here is her drawing, and my poem for today.


There she stands
beauty, white as snow
cascading mane upon her neck
her satiny purple eyes aglow. 

There she stands
high upon a mountaintop
next to a rainbow
shining in its colourful light.

There she stands
glorious creature of the clouds
holding her head high
proud to be alive and free!

There she stands
a symbol for those who believe
letting those who do
see the magic she beholds.

There she stands
making wishes comes true
and people into believers
for she is 
a Unicorn. 

Seeing her picture and reading the poem I wrote, I am reminded how children remind us of the magic all around us, if only we allow ourselves to see and believe. Reading, writing, music — the arts — offer so many ways to enrich our souls and cultivate creativity. I hope that my daughter will always have a love of creating, of dreaming, and mostly that she’ll never stop believing in magic — and herself.

Have a fantastic day — more writing and book reviews from the beach later this week. Happy Spring Break!

Passionate Moon

The moon is one of my favorite subjects to write about. Haunting, beautiful, full and bright or shadowed and small — I find endless ways to contemplate its light as it illuminates the dark night sky. Here is a poem I wrote years ago that brings together the moon with a magical, musical experience.
A Passionate Moon
Cloud-like speckles fly across
an ocean curtain that separates me
from a new and long awaited experience.
My tongue taps against my teeth in anticipation
of the moment when this dreamscape will open
letting my imagination revel
in whimsy and delight.
Mysterious orchestral chords
seep into my ears
the ocean curtain parts
to reveal a full moon
hanging behind it, yellow and bright.
Standing simply through a haze
she emerges into this miniature world
her hair flowing raven black with twined curls
underneath a crown of beaded silver flowers.
Her skin is pale, a fine china
against her black leather gown
she luminates a strong and exotic beauty
yet fragile and sweet essence
a coquettish yet refined woman
somewhere between Goddess and Queen.
Transformations occur with settle grace
haunting melodies interlope with
sweet rhapsodies
she is a Fairy Queene sparkling
in purple glitter, an Angel of elegance in white
a haunting Chorus Girl in black.
The Empress of her Kingdom
she flies above
hanging and spinning
encircled by long, lithe bodies
in fluid motion
as the instruments swell and bend
to her wishes.
A pause…
How can I speak of such an experience
while tears of joy flood my skin? 
She speaks now in a tiny
English accent
I strain to hear each inflection
of her speech
afraid to let any moment of this rapture
slip away.
Announcing her last delight
she delivers a haunting farewell
yet my heart soars as she returns
not once, but twice
to share more musical bliss.
At long last, it is Time to Say Goodbye
to her peaceful world
the ocean curtain closing behind her
The Ultimate Diva
The Queen of a night
of pure ecstasy.

Copyright Stacie Eirich March 23 2016

*Written after attending a performance of Sarah Brightman’s La Luna world tour, 2000
I didn’t include it in my published collection because it is a “fan” poem, but am happy to share it here. I highly recommend listening to some of Ms. Brightman’s music, I love the ethereal quality of her voice coupled with haunting melodies. Visit her website and explore her music at: 
Next post I will share a book review — have a wonderful day.