Spring Afternoon

A poem written for this beautiful April day.

Spring Afternoon

Quiet birds chitter-chattering
leaves rustling, trees swaying gently
fat white clouds moving, drifting across
the soft blue sky.

A wind catches my papers, blowing them across
freshly mown grass, the scent of it
heavy in the warm air.

Bright pink flowers blooming
a small green lizard climbing the chair
next to mine, creeping fast.

A breeze blows the empty swings
awaiting children
their sounds of laughter, squeals of delight
filling the April air
when the yellow school bus
arrives home.

Copyright April 18 2016 Stacie Eirich 

Silver Glow, a night poem

Confession: I’m a night owl at heart. Any any Mom of young children knows this isn’t good for our health, sanity — or at least, isn’t practical. I’ve tried to give up my nocturnal ways, bathing and brushing by 10pm most evenings, forcing a bedtime schedule upon myself.. But like many writers, readers, thinkers, dreamers — often I lie awake, unable to turn off my mind and quiet my thoughts. My cat yowls her displeasure at me lying down, so I get up to put on a pot of honey camomile tea and write another poem. Here is a poem I wrote that speaks of night and comes from sleeplessness.photo art @favim.com 

Silver Glow

Shadows of blackness
pass against a light post
casting a wicked aura
against the darkened night.
The songbird winces in the trees
its melody ceases, as
it is frightened and alone.
The stars come, playing a melody
to lure the moon out of its hiding
Shy when it is only a sliver, she slips out
from behind her curtain
casting a velvet shadow
over the earth.
Alive with this silver glow
the dark shadows retreat
the sky becomes alight with
melodic tones
and the moon shines
trusting the angels above her.
Copyright Stacie Eirich April 14 2016
*Also published in Space to Dream: Poems March 2016

Sunset on the Sea

A week later, I’m still thinking of the short vacation I spent by the sea. Perhaps it’s the sensual nature of experiences by the ocean that guide writers so freely — into new poems like this one:

Sunset on the Sea

Colours vibrate, breathing life
into sweet marshes, tiny fish gills
floating within the ripples
of the waves.

Salty mussels with
cracked shells
float amongst
smooth blue waves.
Fleshy toes run across
the sandy shore, wrapped in
blankets of fresh heat, new love.

Evening falls over divine sunlight
as a breeze blows, cool and attentive
fireflies lighting rocky stones
brought in to shore.
Waves crash, washing them back
to hidden depths until
colour returns
the day reborn
with the dawn.

Copyright Stacie Eirich April 11 2016