Goodreads Giveaway: Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword

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Look to the North Star and she shall bring,
Safe passage to the Bear King.
His castle is enchanted with a powerful spell,
Atop North Mountain, where everlasting Winter dwells.

Twelve-year-old twins Suzie & Jack are on a quest in the arctic land of Bear Kingdom to find The Book of Destiny and rescue Tiger Queen Mohini & her cubs. Their journey is not an easy one. Bear Kingdom is a dark and dangerous place filled with ice & snow, haunted by a powerful, evil spell and ruled by fierce Bear King Knut. Suzie & Jack have help from their friends Liam & Elena, as well as a cast of magical animals, including beautiful phoenix Phaedra, jolly dragon Thistlefire and some new amazing creatures.

Hidden within Bear Kingdom’s enchanted forest is the golden sword. Forged with powerful ancient magic, it is one of the magical objects that Suzie, Jack, Liam & Elena will need in order to fight against the evil spell that has been cast over Bear Castle. Will they have enough good magic to break the spell? Or will Bear Kingdom be doomed to remain haunted forever?

Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword, a fantasy for middle-grade readers, is the exciting second adventure in The Dream Chronicles series. What dangers will Suzie, Jack and their friends face in the frozen land of Bear Kingdom? What magical friends – or frightening enemies – will they meet there? Will they be able to complete their quest and return home? Join Suzie & Jack on a thrilling arctic journey in Bear Kingdom to find out.

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The Best Year Yet

As we begin 2018, many of us are decluttering our homes, starting new activities, diets or exercise routines – and making resolutions for this to be the best year yet.

As a mother, my list of aspirations for the year is long and includes having more patience & persistence with as well as giving increased responsibilities to my growing 2nd and 4th graders. I’ve also set a goal for our family to give in new ways together, by volunteering our time to help others at local nursing homes, shelters and food pantries. This will not only cause them to put down their electronic devices, but will also broaden their scope of the world. And it will show them that they can actively help even with little to no money in their own pockets.

And if you are a parent – or grandparent or caregiver, you know what I’m saying when I refer to the endless dollars we send in to school each year for drives, raffles, and donations to worthy causes. I’ll still send in the dollars. But I think a greater lesson will be learned when we give our time together and the kids see the effects of their help in action. Now – I’m not crazy – I know we need to start small, maybe a Saturday morning once a month. Or maybe even just an hour or two after school, before the homework and dinner rush of the evening. Perhaps it will push back homework time, or cause an afterschool activity to be missed – but it’s little sacrifice in my mind, if the end result is that my children have seen and felt the positive effects of their own kindness.

As a writer, my goal for this year is to complete the third and final novel in my children’s fantasy series, The Dream Chronicles. While it is already a work-in-progress, it is far from finished – and I expect will take me from now until the end of the year to write and revise. Along the way, I will continue seeking a literary agent and publisher, which means a chunk of my writing time will be spent in research and queries. I’m not complaining, as this is the work of any writer as much as it is actually writing their manuscripts!

The greatest challenge, though, for any writer – is to manage your writing time so that you do have time to write. Not the letters, the queries, the emails, the blog posts and the social media posts – but your story, your book – the reason why you became a writer in the first place! In a sea of other media, I’ve found myself looking up mid-year and realizing that I’ve spent more time on all those “other” things instead of writing my book. And that’s when I know it’s time to refocus, re-organize, and re-prioritize how I’m spending my writing time.

And so it is at this point, dear reader – that I tell you I will be definitely be updating this website less during 2018. Yes, I’m keeping it alive for now, because as a writer it seems almost sacrilegious not to have a blog or webpage. And I am grateful to the small, loyal group of followers I have here – thank you so much for reading and supporting my writing in the last two years. I hope you will continue to follow my writing adventures in 2018!

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I hope you’ve had time to rest and reflect on what you’d like to accomplish in 2018. For me, I know that some days it will simply be enough to wake on time for the bus, have dinner pre-planned (with every ingredient already in the pantry), or write a few precious sentences that won’t end up in the recycle bin. But other days maybe it will be seeing my children’s joy in helping others, a tough school project successfully done – or even the happy relief of a book well-written. Whatever your goals for 2018 are, I wish you the best in reaching them and making 2018 your best year yet.

Have a wonderful weekend and successful week ahead! Thank you for visiting Space to Dream.  -Stacie