Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny – Prologue

While the leaves turn colours and begin to fall, the October air crisper & cooler outside my window – ushering in the beauty of Autumn –  I’ve been fervently writing, working to complete my first novel. My illustrator has also put her drawing pencils to work. Creating is always a process, and with each new morning I find inspiration in nature, in art, in poetry & music to spur me forward.

Tiger Kingdom

Today, I’m happy to share a preview of my novel with you. Without further ado, here is the Prologue from Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny.

                                    Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny

                                               Volume 1 of The Dream Chronicles

by Stacie Eirich



“You will need this” the boy reached out to the girl, handing her a knife. She turned the hilt around clumsily in her delicate white hands. The great white beast at her side lifted his paw to her fingers.

“She does not need this weapon of man.” The beast’s voice was smooth like silk. His sharp blue eyes pierced the boy with their power. “She has the power to fight within.” He took the blade from her, and he could see streaks of fire within the icy blue eyes as he held the weapon up to them. But the boy persisted.

“She will have no power against the spirits!” He spoke passionately.“To fight, she must be armed. And she must have help, she can’t go alone. I’m going with her, try and stop me!” He lunged forward at the beast, going for the knife – but the beast moved and he swiped only air. The girl shivered at the violence and passion of it, and shrank back into the shadows.

“I shall go wherever you bid me” her voice rang out like crystal into the darkness, clear and also wispy, like the qualities of air and water mixed to create a fine tapestry of sky. The boy jumped back, surprised. This was not the voice of the girl he knew, the girl from his world. “I will not have you with me, because it would only endanger you. I will not carry a piece of violence. But I will fight, when I need to.”

“Yes, you have the light with you always.” The beast nodded, opening his paws towards her. “We have given it to you to keep, to guide and protect you. You are one of us now, you are part of the Kingdom, forever.” She stepped forward to him, and he enfolded her into his coat of fur, her slim figure lost within his great one.

The boy could only stand and stare in disbelief. He had lost her to this strange Kingdom. He was alone. And he knew it was up to him to find a way back to his world, a way back home.

Copyright Stacie Eirich October 10 2016

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny. In the coming weeks, I will reveal another short preview of the novel & an illustration. I am brimming with excitement to introduce you to my illustrator & show you her gorgeous artwork! Stay Tuned. 🙂

Thank you for visiting, for reading & sharing your time with me. May you always have Space to Dream! -Stacie