Dreaming in Birdsong: Haiku


Poets have often been inspired by birds. Their soaring flight & lyrical songs, their images symbols of freedom & hope. Their beauty in many different colours, the intricate creations of their nests. I’ve written before of singing birds – the nightingale, the lark. How songs of birds shaped me, caused me to wonder and notice the air around & within me.

Now I wonder: Could I write a poem of one single bird, one single breath of time in its life and my own? I see and hear it as a haiku, spoken or sung aloud. A poem set to music for one particular voice, one experience that is both natural and dream-like, connected yet separate.

Dreaming in Birdsong: Haiku

Morning Song

Golden feathers burst

in morning song, G-major

bright tones dazzling, true

Dreaming in Birdsongs: Haiku
Western Meadowlark

Lark spreads speckled wings

gliding across calm water

hope filling dawn air

Dreaming in Birdsong: Haiku
Green finch and linnet

Afternoon Song

Green feathers humming

delights in sun-dappled trees

shimmering wings soar

Dreaming in Birdsong: Haiku
Thrush nightingale

Night Song

Blue dream-song floating

in moonlit branch, E-minor

haunting melodies

Copyright Stacie Eirich 8/3/16

I’m linking this post up to another post I wrote, over @ Toads poetry blog — which will go “live” on Thursday afternoon, 8/4 — where you can read more prose on birdsongs, voices and spaces. I hope you will add your own voice there by participating in the mid-week poetry challenge. Thanks for visiting, reading, and listening.