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As I begin delving into the writing process for my second novel, Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword, I’ve been doing research to both educate & inspire. I’ve been amazed by what I’ve learned about the Arctic Circle and the animals that inhabit its frozen land & waters. While my first point of research was the Polar Bear – the arctic is also home to whales, narwhals, seals, wolves, hares, lemmings & terns (arctic birds). Some of these fascinating animals have already found their way into my story! I’ve also become even more aware of the danger global warming poses to their arctic environment, and the urgency of need for change in order to preserve their land & lives. Similar to Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny and the rainforests, it seems impossible to write a story set in a world like the arctic without also taking time to inform my readers about it, which is why I am certain there will be a short non-fiction element within Bear Kingdom & The Golden Sword as well.

I’ve also read & revisited fairytales and folktales from Northern Europe that will influence the character’s journeys & magic within my own story, specifically, two tales from Norway – East of the Sun, West of the Moon & White Bear King Valemon.

East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Bear Kingdom 

A land of bone-chilling cold

brisk, crisp wind and shimmering snow

of polar bears hunting, their sharp claws and fierce teeth

piercing solid ice in the frigid air.

Shimmering, glimmering stars and a cold, full moon

of white ice, brilliant blue.

On the tallest mountain of snow stands a glittering ice castle

locked in the heart of the bears lair, the center of a frozen cave

lies the gleaming, golden sword

the wishing stone at its center

warm rainbow colors shining, beaming

through the ice, searching for her owners

radiating a warmth of light

in an everlasting winter.

          Copyright Stacie Eirich Feb 6, 2017 (Original post Aug 27, 2016) 

White Bear King Valemon

I hope you will continue on this journey with me as I endeavour to write the story of Suzie, Jack & their friends in their adventures in Bear Kingdom! I’ll post inspirations, updates & previews as I write, and look forward to publishing the novel later this year.

May you be inspired to do what fills your heart – and thank you for stopping by Space to Dream. -Stacie

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A native of Illinois, I now live north of New Orleans, La, I love writing, music, theater, travel and my family. I've written and published three books of poetry and a children's novel: Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny. I'm now working on a second children's novel.

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