January’s Romance – Winter Inspired

The dawn of 2017 has so far been a cold one; here in Louisiana we’ve felt the chill of January, though we aren’t likely to see any snow. As a romantic who has always loved the snow (though not, admittedly, driving in it or shoveling it) – I long for the Winter of my childhood, and the beauty of a January sun shining on glittering white fields. If you’ve read my book, Space to Dream, you know that nature & the seasons – and in particular, Winter, inspires my writing. Indeed, I am a child born of this season and find its sights, smells & chills continue to inspire me even while I live in the south. I hope you enjoy some of my new Winter poems, and that despite the chill – you are warm.

I lie under pink swirls of sky,

enveloped in sparkling snow blankets,

awaiting the chill of night,

her stark beauty, Winter’s kiss.

In a silent night of solstice moon,

we watch twinkling lights glisten,

Winter’s hush broken by angels,

voices beyond the stars.

She dreamt of a wild, free love,

Stars tangled in her hair on a moonlit winter night,

Snow melting on her skin in a fiery glow.

May Winter’s fairy kiss you,

By her snowfall may you dream,

Her heart-fire keeping you warm,

Whilst stories in your soul gleam.

Safe within this Fireside fantasy hold me tight,

Whisper sonnets of love to my delight,

Recite Keats & Shelley, Romantics bright.

Copyright 1/9/17 Stacie Eirich

Originally posted on Instagram @spacetodreampoetry 

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