Now Available! Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny

I’m thrilled to tell you that Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny  is now published & available to readers! See links below.


Kindle e-version:

Thank you to my friends, family & fellow writers who’ve supported me during the long process of writing & publishing this novel. I couldn’t have done it without your encouragement! Have a wonderful day. -Stacie

Holiday Coffee

In the spirit of the holiday, today I’m sharing a poem that I wrote a few years ago late in December, when Christmas was almost upon us. I hope you are keeping warm this month & enjoying all the wonderful sights, sounds, smells & tastes of the season. I wish you stress-free moments & peace after your shopping is done!

Holiday Coffee

Floating down through the foggy air, a mist of chill

rests itself into my black coffee,

causing the heat inside my cup to rise and envelop me.

Its outline shows in the reflection

of the thin glassed window beside me,

my breath forms a barrier on its surface, making it

impossible to see

the bustle of holiday shoppers in the snowy depths

on the other side.


I am here for that solitary feeling,

stirring my sugar, one single lump, I watch it swirl

and lighten the liquids color.

I add the milky film of cream and transform it further,

until it nearly matches the flowing flakes nestling

near that window,

they form an off-white cylinder near my boots

where I have tracked a in a bit.


Those delicate flakes are the only part of the world

I have let in

to this silent moment,

as I sip my holiday treasure,

away from the hurrying and scurrying,

content to be in the presence of only myself,

until my cup is empty and I must

rejoin the masses,

being the last minute shopper

that I am…

Copyright Stacie Eirich December 13, 2016

For those who’ve been following the progress of my novel, Tiger Kingdom & The Book of Destiny – you can now read and listen to the Prologue + Chapters 1, 2, 3 at the links below. It will be published in 3 short days on Amazon, December 16th!

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