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A continuation of my previous post, Visual Poems: A Breath for Eye, Mind & Soul — here are some of my latest creations which combine photography, art & poetry.


Her footsteps echoed among shelves covered in dust,

rows of pages colored with age but alive,

stories she needed to breathe.

img_1958She lay in a red rose garden amongst thistle & brier,

fingers resting in hues of gold lion’s fur,

lost in fanciful dreams.


Ribbons of light dance beside windswept pages,

pen scrawling poems as the sky changes color,

dreams falling onto pages like leaves

in the September Sun.


She cries porcelain tears,

painting her face with sadness,

waiting for him to fill her empty heart

with a sky full of rainbow stars.


In the stillness of night my shadow extends,

soul tattered & worn, a skeleton of a woman

etched in the silver tranquility of the moon.


She dreamt of him under cherry blossoms,

salty sea wind in her hair,

eyes full of moonlight,

teardrops falling on crimson rose.

Stacie Eirich Copyright September 25, 2016

Thank you for reading! These short poems and beautiful images reflect some of the things I love most — nature, fairy tales, dreams & books. There are endless stories out there, if only we look & listen for them. Have a wonderful week–with moments to read, listen & dream. -Stacie 

*Note* I do not own the artwork (Google free images) above, only the words. 


A Forest of Wonder


A Forest of Wonder

As quickly as I had become aware of the silence in the trees around me, so too now was I aware of the changing winds. What had at first been a cool, calming breeze was now whipping fast and cold, slicing through my clothes & into my skin. The once clear sky above seemed to be thickening, darkening in a fog. And there was an overpowering smell, sweet like honeysuckle & cloves. I wanted to hold my breath, but instead covered my nose with my sleeve, my eyes watering. Through teary, blurred vision I saw a dark form drifting within the fog, her spiny long fingers like shadows reaching down towards the earth. I watched them, terrified and awed at the same time. She was terrifying – awful, but beautiful. Suddenly I was aware that my arm was reaching out and up, towards her. I felt an electricity that was at once both powerful and edifying. And then I could hear them, a chorus of voices singing to me in a beautiful foreign language; the enchanted lyrics seeped into my cold skin like liquid warmth flowing into empty veins. It was beautiful and comforting, though I didn’t understand the foreign words. But that didn’t seem to matter. All that mattered was maintaining my connection to this beautiful creature of night; Lady Death who had come to the Forest of Wonder to lay claim to my heart, my mind, my soul. She would spirit me away to her ethereal home in the night sky, above the watchful eyes of the forest, the stars blinking out as we flew by in the darkness.

Copyright September 19, 2016 Stacie Eirich

Written in response to the weekend mini challenge at Toads: Following a Thread: Write a Narrative Poem. I’ve incorporated Lady Death into my prose-poem, which was the prompt there from this past Thurs.

Thanks for reading & visiting Space to Dream! In these next few months, I’m going to be posting a bit less than usual — once a week is what I’m shooting for. This is due to working other jobs (yes, real ones, LOL!), my children’s busy fall season schedules, and continued work on my novel Tiger Kingdom.  I do promise to keep sharing poetry & short prose as time allows! I’m happy to part of a thriving blogging & poetry community.