Perchance to Dream

Today’s writing prompt from Fireblossom over @Toads is “To sleep, perchance to dream..” from Hamlet. I often write from dreams – real or imagined – and of dreams. But if you know me, have been here before, or read any of my poetry – you already knew that.

Here is a dream that is part real memory, part imagined fantasy. This dream belongs to Suzie, the main character in my work-in-progress novel, Tiger Kingdom.


Suzie’s Dream

I could hear the paws of the tigers

pounding the pavement, the heaving sound

of their hot breath against

the chilly October air.

I could see their golden eyes

striped coats glinting

in the night shadows

as they ran.

I climbed into bed, freeing the sheet

from underneath Jack’s iron grasp.

I tried to press my eyes closed tight

yet laid there for hours

eyes opening to the streets below

still seeing tiger stripes blazing

in the light of the street lamps

still hearing the sounds of leaves rustling

as they rushed past in the night

the wind moving steadily

through the trees.

Copyright August 18 2016 Stacie Eirich 

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Love though the storm


I didn’t plan to write today, didn’t plan to share this blog post. But my pen found the page this morning as a solace needed from the storm, and my heart needs to share it with you.

The irony is that the last time wrote, I spoke of the beauty of Louisiana – the blue in its waters, sky and rain – and now, the flood waters rise again and that beauty is muted. Muted by devastated homes, stranded drivers and ruined by-ways. What song could I sing now, or poem could I write – that would tell of the sorrow and hope in this place? This is a place of strength, of resilience even in the brokenness. How many times must the people here, who call it home, pick themselves back up, re-making their lives against rising waters and battered homes? Their hearts broken, their spirits shadowed by a wind and rain.

I’ve written of Louisiana’s gentle rain – warm & sweet, cool & refreshing – yet there is another kind, its harsh, cruel sister rain. She thrashes against windowpanes, tearing down anything in her path and roaring through the streets like a hungry animal. When will she be sated?

We cry out in her midst for relief that seems to come only when her waters have broken the levees, rushed into our homes and claimed them for hers. We sing our prayers to a sky raining pain and raise our heads into a never-ending shower, it drowns and rinses us clean at the same time. Still we whisper our prayers to one another, joining in a hopeful chorus against her destruction. Like Christ we will rise again from the ashes in victory – to begin another day in this place. This place of tremendous sorrow, joy, and hope — Hope — HOPE! Enough to dance, to sing, to celebrate through the darkness and love through the storm.

Copyright August 14 2016 Stacie Eirich

*Note* Written for all my friends in southeast Louisiana whose lives are at this moment, as they’ve been before, being impacted by the rising flood waters. May we be resilient together, and persevere in this beautiful place we call home. Today may have sorrow in it, but it is our joy and hope that will see us through! With love —

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Hope Rising