Intersections: Prose poetry on music & writing

Lately, I’ve been kept awake at night with thoughts about how music and writing, songs & poetry – my life as both performer and writer, singer & poet – intersect. Also, how polar opposite they can be at times. How in both arts I’m constantly auditioning and re-auditioning, re-assessing, re-visioning – sometimes wondering why I do it. Especially at moments when I get (another) rejection, when I feel like family or friends don’t understand. When I’m just plain tired.

Passion. Love. A feeling in my bones that this is what I do best, this is what I was made for. That’s why I keep writing and singing.
Because nothing else fills the void, holds me fast and captures me – like an electricity running through me all the way past the tips of my fingers. A calm sea washing over me. Both can have the effect of becoming lost within the song or story on the page, far from my self. Digging deep into how my mind and body work to create sound and thought. Both can be solitary arts in practice, and intensely personal. When shared, they become full of public eyes and scrutiny, people telling what they liked or disliked, approving or rejecting your art.
 What is important is to get past the feeling of being rejected yourself. But can you ever really separate your self from the art you create? There is a part of me inside each song I sing, poem and story I write — such is the risk we take as artists. It is also what makes it so fulfilling, that our songs and stories exist within ourselves and by sharing them, we are revealing our souls. Can we separate our selves from our art? I still struggle with this, even after 20+ years of auditioning, performing, writing, editing, revising…the process is never-ending.
And so is my heart, stretched across each word, each breath, each noun phrase and legato line. With every poem and song I release a part of my self, my soul – hoping it shimmers with light. Willing it to be beautiful, to be meaningful, to be true.
 Copyright June 10 2016 Stacie Eirich 

7 thoughts on “Intersections: Prose poetry on music & writing”

  1. Creativity is very much a process, and such an individual one, at that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I do love your prose on the process the pains and rewards in living so much within the music as you do… for the rest of us.. this is just a relief from the lethargy of life… for you it’s life.. kudos.

  3. Our granddaughter at Georgetown U. has informed the family that she is giving up premed/biology majoring to drama. That is her love, she was very active in it at her high school. You’ve given some insight as to her feelings, nicely written, Stacie.
    I think that even blog writers get a warm feeling when there are quite a few comments. I do. Of course I also realize that leaving a comment is prerequisite in blogging etiquette for a return comment. Bloggers who don’t return comments dry up.

    1. Jim,
      Of course I speak as one who followed my passion (and not other paths to more money in my pocket book) — but I applaud your granddaughter for taking the brave step in following hers. I’m glad my writing gave insight to a life in the arts — I think we all have creativity within us, no matter what our chosen fields are. And yes, I agree about commenting — there is a satisfaction in knowing your thoughts have been read and appreciated, just as when an audience applauds a performance. And I do enjoy reading other bloggers work, though admittedly I don’t always have or take the the time to comment (or follow-up on comments here) as much as I should. Thanks for stopping by. Stacie

  4. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your creative imagination and passion for your art (s). There are times I think I will just put down my pen and stop writing, but then a phrase slips into my angst and I bleed into another poem.

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