Summer Rainstorm

The poem I’m sharing today I wrote last night, after a day of quick summer rainstorms that ended in a bit of light before the day’s end. Below is a painting that I adore titled “Summer Rain.” Visit the artist’s website to find many more inspiring and beautiful paintings.


Summer Rain by Leonid Afremov 
Summer Rainstorm 
The rain fell in thick, expansive sheets
pelting the windows hard, sky darkening to blue-black
thunder booming, lightening streaking across
the fabric of heaven, as if in warning
clouds moving fast, low
ominously through the noon sky
making it look like night.
Heat that had lingered before
now vanished, replaced with cool
fast blowing wind
the tree branches thrashing wildly
in its wake.
Then, as quick as it came
the storm passes
loud pounding rain lifting, clouds releasing
to silent blue sky, sun peeking out
heat slowly rising off the wet pavement.
Frogs croak gently in the ditches
newly filled with water, turning dirt to mud
the children coming out to play
in their rainboots with smiles of delight
as they jump in fresh puddles
on a June afternoon.
Copyright June 3 2016 Stacie Eirich 

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