3pm in the Shade

Today’s poem is written in response to Hannah’s beautiful, nature inspired post over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads  She was inspired by the artwork and film from Andy Goldsworthy — I’ll post links to his work at the end of this post. Thank you Hannah, for the inspiration! I wrote this today while sitting in one of my writing spaces — my backyard.



I am an observer in
Nature’s space

white blossoms hang, opened above me
I breathe in their honeysuckle sweetness
that lingers in the air, a soft breeze tickling my face
the quiet rushing wind in my ears along with
a tinkling of wind-chimes, conversations of birds
hums of motors, a car door shutting, an airplane passing above.

leaves, yellowed, green & brown – scatter at my feet
old bricks with spaces
where earth has grown in
green roots have shot up
and ant hills formed in their midst.

I must be careful not to disturb them
my bare feet sinking into long green chutes
pressing soft dirt between my toes
as I leave.

Copyright May 5 Stacie Eirich 


Andy Goldsworthy is an environmental artist – check out his beautiful work:  http://visualmelt.com/Andy-Goldsworthy

He also has a beautiful, thought provoking film, which you can view on YouTube:
Rivers and Tides

Children’s Poetry Books: A Video Share

I enjoyed making the short video that I shared on Poem in your Pocket Day in April so much that I thought I’d make another. In this one, I share 5 children’s poetry books that are favorites of my family. If you like my short videos, please comment and let me know — I may just make them a weekly thing. Happy Reading!