Water is often an inspiration for me, and I find this week that has been especially true. Perhaps it is because I’m a Pisces that I’ve always loved to be in the rain, to feel the water on my skin and smell it in the air. Yesterday, though the sky was filled with grey clouds, I went for a swim. The act of swimming opened my senses and propelled me to write this poem.

Submerged in ice cold water
I swim through waves, ripples
gliding through water with my arms
pushing through blacks bugs
floating on the surface
brought in from the rains.

I needed to feel this today, needed the chill
to wake me, free me, make me alive.

Diving under, sounds fill underneath
swept into a watery vacuum
the water is too blue, heavy with chlorine
too full, brimming at the walls
nearly breaching the surface.

I emerge, dripping, cold
the pool is empty
I stay to write.

Listening to sounds of small birds
singing in the trees around me
cars passing, a young child playing.
the cawing of a black crow
it flies from tree to tree gracefully
spreading its black wings.

I need the solitude of this hour.

The ever present sound of semi-trucks
humming on the highway behind me
the sun hides itself behind grey clouds
they move ominously, darkening
threatening a storm to come.

I put away my pen
ease into the waters depths
a few more laps
then I will depart
raindrops on my back
the yellow school bus
trundling down the road
bringing my children

Copyright May 19 2016 Stacie Eirich 

7 thoughts on “Swimming”

  1. Stacie I luv the joy and ease with which you slip into something you lovevto do, the effectvits has on you like a revitalizing tonic. And then to return to the days mode of responsibilities.
    Really nice share, and, thank you for dropping in to read mine

    Much love…

  2. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, though chlorinated it's still water… and just to be able to swim like that sounds wonderful… great inspiration to write from (though I guess it would be running for me)

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