Planting the Bean

I wrote this poem this past week —  on a beautiful, warm spring afternoon after my children had come home from school. As the temperature begins to rise and we move quickly into summer, with all its activities and exhaustive heat — it is the moments like these that I want to hold tight to.

Planting the Bean

My son, age 6, pulls on his blue rain boots

telling me of ladybug colors

aphids and Holland flowers
swinging through the spring breeze.
 “Today I got picked.” he says “for the treasure chest.”
He asks for new rain boots in
fire colors: red, orange, yellow
sliding, climbing, kicking balls
across the grass.
Running out to the
green swings, he checks to see
if his bean is growing
brought home from Kindergarten class
in its paper cup.
Birds chatter in the breeze
dogs bark, breaking the quiet
he finds the best spot
plants his bean
pressing the dirt down with his hands.
Bean sprout
 He rushes in to get a cup of water
brings it to his little bean
watering the soil so it will grow.
 His own garden of a childhood spring day.
He shows his big sister
they swing beside one another
laughing together
in the late afternoon sun.
Copyright April 24 Stacie Eirich 


In Praise of Poetry

Did you know that tomorrow, April 21st, is National Poem in your Pocket day? It was first celebrated in April 2002, when New York City residents carried a poem with them and shared it people they met in bookstores, libraries — at parks and on the street. Anywhere and everywhere they went, people shared poetry. Out loud. The way poems were meant to be shared. Read more about how you can celebrate the day here: National Poem in your Pocket Day


Have a wonderful spring day — I’ll return tomorrow to share a poem from my pocket!