In Celebration of National Poetry Month

I wanted to do something special in April to celebrate National Poetry Month. During this month, many writers commit to writing a poem a day. Others give performances of spoken poetry, or host readings where communities of writers and readers come together to share their favorite poems. I decided I wanted to make a small collection of poems available to readers at no cost — and it seemed fitting to make those poems some of the first poems I ever wrote. They were written in a soft, flower covered journal I was given by a dear friend in high school, and that journal has followed me as I’ve moved and aged — now tucked away in a bottom, bedside drawer. Upon sifting through them, I was careful to choose those that seemed most like my young, 16 year old self — some are inspirational, dreamy — others are melancholy and touched with teenage heartache. I hope they will inspire others to take up their pens and write a poem from their own experiences. Click on the link below for the free e-book, and read the title poem:

Canvas of Imagination: Poems

Canvas of Imagination

In a color coated dream
I make wishes upon
moon-drops, they fall
from the indigo sky
to land upon the
emerald snow
illuminating it.
My wishes fly
like angels with wings
soaring amongst
Indian red stars
cast out from the sea.
The sea of many colours
controls the beauty
of all the earth
painting visions upon
the canvas of imagination.

And sometimes, moon-drops
or even sun-drops
will fall
the snow may melt
and stars might be
but wishes will always fly
and colours will forever
be beautiful
as long as there is
the canvas of imagination.

Copyright Stacie Eirich April 8 2016

TGIF — I wish you a lovely weekend. I’ll return on the flip side with a new poem and a review of my latest read: Growth by Karin Cox.

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