Songs of the Sea — 3 Haiku

Songs of the Sea — 3 Haiku
Sun sets. On the beach
lovers watch, sandy toes in
smooth blue waves on shore.
Sand tickles my feet
salty wind gently blows, waves
shimmer like diamonds.
Waves crash the jetty
spraying the rocks with white foam
dolphins play, boats sway
against the warm winds
fish caught, hanging in hot sun
pelicans gliding.
Copyright Stacie Eirich 4/1/16 
The pictures above are my own, taken on the beach in Florida, where I’ve spent a few precious days soaking in the warm sun and salty ocean air. Though Haiku is not a poetic form I’ve tried often before, I felt it right for these moments — when the sound and vision of the ocean almost stop your senses and words seem small, yet meaningful.
Tomorrow I’ll journey homeward, away from this ocean — but I will carry with me a few shells from the sand — to remember this visit by, and think on the time I’ll return.


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