Awakening of Spring

Today it feels apt to share a poem that speaks to the season which has sprung around us. Though it is quite a chilly, crisp day by southern Louisiana standards here — it is sunny outside my window, and I see blooms on the bushes and hear birds chirping. So, the awakening of spring has begun…

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I see in her a pink sparkle haze
floating among the trees
her jellied wings
flexing in and out
as if in water
I reach to touch a wing
my fingers stretched outward
into the sweetened air
hovering ’round her
she hangs as if suspended, unmoving
her wings opening wide
to reveal diamonds
they fall into my hand
like gold from a leprechaun
raining beautiful trinkets
and little pink sparkles
from her wings
as she delicately
flies away..

Copyright Stacie Eirich March 21 2016

Now, go out and enjoy the beautiful, awakening spring — and I’ll see you here again soon. I’ve added a link to my Goodreads, where you can see what I’ve read and book reviews. Here’s what I’m currently reading:

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6 thoughts on “Awakening of Spring”

  1. Lovely butterfly…….they must have been created simply for beauty, as so many miraculous creatures are. Sigh. Loved this…….hope she sprinkles her sparkles everywhere for heaven knows, we need it.

  2. What a beauty… I find butterflies so fascinating, though the one we have up here in the far North are often minute and with softer colors…

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